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General Rules & Regulations

 1) Competition Venue

Feb 10th Events:

RKM Higher Secondary School, Burkit Road, T Nagar, Chennai 17

2) The prizes will be announced on the same day and prize distribution for the day's events will be at 12:30 PM on Feb 10th @RKM Higher Secondary School, Burkit Road, T Nagar

3) Kids need to wear the dress as per the color mentioned.

4)All the participants will be given a certificate and a gift.

5) Only three prize winners (for each batch) will be given certificate and trophy. The consolation prize winners will be given only the certificates.

6) The judges' decision will be final.

7) Reporting time: 30 minutes before the start of every event.

8) Please ensure the participant wears his/her ID card or a name tag with phone number and registration id

9) The participant can participate in any number of events. There will not be time overlap for any two events. If any, the volunteers will make sure the participant takes part in all.

10) Registration amount will not be refunded if the participant is unable to attend the event for any reason. Amount will be refunded only if the event is cancelled by the organizers.

11) Parents asking for early dispersal or picking up of kids due to their personal reason before the competition ends will not be encouraged.

12) No spot registration or spot payment allowed.  Registration will be complete only after payment of the registration fee.

13) In case of any change in the timing of any particular event on the competition date, the participants will be given a prior intimation in advance.

14) On registering in the website, it is understood that the participant and the parent abide by the general rules and regulations of the event.

15) Car and two wheeler parking is available. Please park in such a way that it does not block the other cars. 

16) Parents have to take care of the safety and belongings of their children.

17) Please visit the website from time to time for any change in the event details.

18) Any logistics or announcing decision will be made by the Oviyavarnangal Executive Team alone and they will be treated as final.

19) Please make the payment as mentioned during registration process. In case of any transaction queries, please mail the Oviyavarnangal Team.

20) For any queries: Please contact:  9952955546 / 9841019293

Oviyavarnangal 2018-19 ::: JAn 26th Events

Welcome to Oviyavarnangal 2018-19. 

The following competitions will be conducted on Jan 26th 2019 @Valiyant Academy.

1) English, Tamil Handwriting

2) One Minute Game

3) Word Games

4) Story Telling

5) Fireless Cooking

6) Craft using Ice cream Sticks

Jan 26th event - Click here for Instructions & To Register

Oviyavarnangal 2018-19 ::: FEB 10th events

The following competitions are held for Pre KG - XII Std on Feb 10th 2019, 10 AM @ RKM Higher Secondary School, Burkit Road, T Nagar 

1) Fancy Dress

2) Coloring

3) Drawing

4) Pencil Sketching

Registration Fee for the above competitions: Rs 200/-

A Talent show is available for all classes. Its just a performance. Interested participants can register for the same

Registration Fee for Talent Show: Rs 300/-

Feb 10th Event - Click here for instructions & to register